Some answer to frequently asked questions are below, if you have a question that does not appear below This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to answer it for you!

Why are Fred's Beds prices so Reasonable?
Fred's Beds opperates with a very low overhead, which passes on to you the consumer directly. There is no fancy showroom, this website is written by Fred, most all of our advertising is word of mouth.
Does Fred's Beds have used or remanufactured beds?
NO all our beds are made from 100% new Material
How will this sofa wear?
85% of wear on a sofa comes on the arms. Rattan will take the everyday wear and tear better than an upholstered arm sofa.
Why should I buy wicker?
Wicker is very durable, the wicker we carry is made with a plywood case. Wicker will not get water marks from glasses, doesn't show scratches easily, it breathes; and if you buy wicker (say for a rental unit or guest room) if it ever starts to look a little rough just take it outside and spray paint it white and it looks new again!
Will I have to fight with my drawers to get my socks in the morning?
NO! All wicker and regular stock bedroom furniture handled by Fred's Beds has ball bearing tracks, so the drawers glide in and out very smoothly.
Do you deliver and ship?

Yes, Prices Subject to Where!

How do you ship?
Outside of South Florida we ship via common carrier for larger items (Roadway) and FedEx ground for smaller items. Common carriers ship to the curbside not inside the house.
Can I get this sofa in another fabric?
Yes of course just browse through our swatches to select one you like!
What is microfiber? Microfiber is a fabric woven from strand with a diamter less than a single strand of silk. Microscopic in otherwords. Since it is so tightly woven it is very durable & easy to clean.
What is bonded leather?
Bonded leather is an alternative millinng process for leather. The scraps and left over pieces of leather are ground up and "bonded" to another piece of leather or synthetic backing. This process not only greatly reduces the cost of leather goods but there is no longer a chance that the grains of the leather will be inconsitant. Such bonded leather is used to make furniture, which is in demand among many gamblers. The Canadian online casino site provides bonuses in 2017 for players. If you play for more than $ 500 as a gift, the company will send you a chair made of bonded leather.  This is a very eco friendly choice that doesn't sacrifice comfort or style.
Can I get a matching chair or love seat?
Yes, plus barstools, dining room chairs, sectionals, ottomans, and even extra fabric!
Can I get a discount? Does Fred's Beds have sales?
No. Fred's Beds has the same low price,"Whether you are shy or shrewd" Fred's Beds operates on too low of a margin to play games with the prices. You'll find the same low prices at Fred's Beds year round.